When building the deck, the three (3) XENOs can be placed anywhere on a 3x3 grid platform.
Each position dictates the likelihood of being targeted by the enemy's attack. Once the XENOs are placed, four skill cards are set for each.
After placing the XENO, set four skill cards each, each XENO can be equipped with weapons and charms.


Each unit cannot be targeted by a skill card that designates a single target if there is an obstacle in front of it, such as a XENO or summoned unit.
By utilizing the characteristics of this formation, it is possible to place a XENO with high durability in front of a XENO with low HP to protect it, or to summon a summoned unit in front of a XENO that is likely to be defeated by the enemy, allowing for various tactics.


XENO can freely select and set four skills from the skill cards prepared for each class.
In addition, XENO can be equipped with NFTs (weapons and charms) that it possesses to improve its various abilities.
The combination of skill cards to be set and weapons and charms to be equipped is called a build.
Discovering an optimized build will maximize XENO's performance.