Skill cards are action skills that can be used in battle by setting them in XENO.
It is prepared for each class, and there are more than 10 skill cards available for each class, for a total of more than 60 skill cards will be available at the game launch.
By setting four of these skills to XENO, there will be a total of 210 combinations available for each player that can equip for a class at the game launch.
*Skill cards will be added after the game launch. As new skill cards are added, you can expect a variety of battlegrounds each season.

Status for Skill Cards

Skill cards are structured by rarity, level, class, type, effect, and cost, and they are used to make XENO act in battle.
Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
The level of the skill card.
The class of XENO that can use this skill card.
The type of skill, such as a close-range attack, long-range attack, summoning, etc.
The effect of using this skill card.
The energy required to use this skill card in the battles.

Summoning Units

By using a skill with summoning type, you can place summoned units in a formation.
The summoned units may change the battle situation by placing and changing the formation effect.
Summoned units act automatically with their HP set.

Developing Skill Cards

Each skill card has a level and its performance can be improved by collecting the same skill cards.
Skill cards can be acquired from the "Treasure" that can be obtained by winning battles or from the shop.
Since skill card levels are shared among the same class, you can equip the skill cards you have developed to other XENOs of the same class.
*Skill cards are off-chain items that can be acquired in-game.