PROJECT XENO, initiated in 2022 with an official game launch in May 2023, will expand its business through strengthening its marketing efforts and expanding its gaming content.

Roadmap in progress

2023 Q4 Japan offline tournament Philippines offline tournament Collaboration NFT sale (MEGA MAN X DiVE) Introduction of the new class
2024 Q1 Partial release of guild feature Emote feature WEAPON enhancement feature Achievement feature Cosmetic feature Online tournament feature Game streaming feature Collaboration NFT Introduction of the new class
2024 Q2 Starting guild battles Live streaming tipping feature Unlocking level cap 30 Collaboration NFT sale Introduction of the new class
2024 Q3 Addition of PVE contents Collaboration NFT sale Introduction of the new class

Completed Roadmap

2022 Q2 [Completed] Launch official website 2022 Q3 [Completed] Launch official social media channels [Completed] Publish white paper [Completed] Tokyo Game Show 2022 Q4 [Completed] Listing on MEXC [Completed] Collaboration NFT (Mayweather) [Completed] Launch GXE Partnership [Completed] Launch of Philippines promotion [Completed] Collaboration NFT Sale (Hikaru BREAKER) 2023 Q1 [Completed] Launch marketplace [Completed] Collaboration NFT sale (Pacquiao) 2023 Q2 [Completed] Launch game [Completed] Listing on BITTREX [Completed] Listing on [Completed] Listing on BITPOINT 2023 Q3 [Completed] Collaboration NFT sale (Hikaru SAMURAI) [Completed] Collaboration NFT Sale (BRAVE FRONTIER VERSUS) [Completed] Tokyo Game Show
*Please note that the content and priorities of implementation may change depending on market conditions, community feedback, and other factors.