In PROJECT XENO, strategy (the phase of building the deck before battle) and tactics (making command decisions during battle) are important elements, and training is used to prepare for battle.
Strategy is for tactics, training is for strategy, and training is based on the results of tactics, thus forming a cycle of strategy, tactics, and training.


Strategy refers to the combination and placement of XENOs in battle, as well as the combination of skill cards and equipment to be set on each XENO.
The player places 3 XENOs, NFT characters, in consideration of their formation during battle.
Each XENO is then set with 4 skill cards for a total of 12 skill cards to be used in battle.
Even XENOs in the same class have different passive skills and special skills (special moves), thereby changing the skill cards they are good at and the XENOs they are compatible with.
XENO can also equip with a weapon and charm, which change its characteristics.
Various strategies can be selected based on "NFT character characteristics x formation x skill cards.”


The deck prepared by strategy is effectively controlled in the battles.
Each XENO requires the energy to activate its skill cards, which can be obtained through turn-by-turn recovery or specific skills.
The amount of energy required to activate a skill card is set for each skill card, and choosing when and which skill to activate within a limited amount of the energy will lead to victory.
In addition, the SPECIAL gauge is accumulated by consuming energy.
This makes a strong special skill called SPECIAL can be activated without consuming energy.
The presence of SPECIAL allows you to enjoy tense battles until the very end.


XENO and skill cards can be developed by using items obtained from treasures dropped when battles are won.
By training NFT characters, "XENO performance" and "ability to earn" will be enhanced, and  skill effects" will be enhanced by training skill cards.
By training NFT characters and skills, players will be able to challenge higher arena ranks and earn more virtual currency (UT).

Battle System

PROJECT XENO uses a dynamic and seamless turn-based battle system.
Each of the three XENOs is set with four skill cards for a total of 12 skill cards for battle.
The battle progresses in real-time, and the winner is the player with the most surviving XENOs at the end of the battle's limited turns.
Regardless of the turn limit, victory will be awarded by reducing the HP of three opposing XENO to zero.