XENO is a character NFT used in battles and is the main NFT of PROJECT XENO.

It has several thousand unique abilities through its six classes and more than a dozen passive skills and special skills, and its appearance can be generated in tens of thousands of designs through combinations of costumes and colors.

XENO is an NFT that is necessary for Play to Earn, and all players who own XENO can participate in arena battles where they can earn utility tokens (UT).

The number of XENOs that are generated is limited and controlled by the number of people participating in PROJECT XENO and the market conditions.

There is a special NFT with a limited number of issues called GENESIS.

GENESIS is mainly distributed through auctions and sales, as it is a very rare NFT character with a recognizable appearance and accompanying effects like "efficient training" and "increased earning."

This will totally keep the players on their toes if they want to increase the skills and capacity of their overall XENO lineup.

Elements that comprise XENO

Four elements comprise XENO: class, status, passive skills, and special skills, which are randomly determined upon XENO generation.

▼ Classes

A class represents the characteristics and roles of a XENO's abilities and is associated with status tendencies and skill cards that can be used.

Class TypesCharacteristics


Specializes in destroying summoned units and controls the battle situation by disrupting the enemy's tactics.


Has high durability and specializes in protecting its allies. It also protects attackers and slowly dominates the field.


Has high offensive power and specializes in close-range attacks. It has many skill cards that destroy enemies in the front line at once.


Has long-range attacks and special summoning abilities. It specializes in attacks that ignore the formations and can accurately destroy certain enemies.


A tricky class that specializes in continuous attacks, traps, and abnormal states. It shows its greatest power in combo with other skill cards.


The class with the greatest offensive power. It destroys enemies with counterattacks and critical attacks.

▼ Status

XENO has four (4) status associated with in-battle performance and Play-To-Earn potential.

Status TypesCharacteristics


Affects the durability of XENO.


Affects the amount of damage inflicted.


Affects the order of action in battle.


Affects token acquisition (Play-To-Earn) ability.

▼ Passive skills

Passive skills are skills that automatically activate during battle, and two types are randomly granted to each XENO when it is generated.

Various effects allow XENO to increase its abilities during the battle and change the skill card effects that are used.

Dozens of passive skills will be available at the game launch, and the combination of two passive skills that are randomly assigned will exceed several hundred.

Combining a class and two passive skills enhances the characteristics of each XENO.

Unlike classes and special skills, passive skills can be re-rolled after they are granted upon XENO generation.

*Please see "TRAINING NFTs" for more information on rerolls.

*Some passive skills have activation conditions, so please check the details from the status page after receiving XENO.




When HP is 80% or more, greatly reduce the damage taken.

Attack Summon

When using a summoner skill, the ATK of the summoned unit increases.

Battle Sense

When taking consecutive attacks, reduce the damage of the second and subsequent attacks.

*Passive skills that are only for certain classes will also be available.

▼ Special skills (Special)

Special skills (Special) are used during battles, and one is given at random per XENO.

It is more effective than a normal skill card attack.

At the game launch, a total of 18 types will be available, three for each class, for a total of six classes.

It is impossible to change after the XENO generation.



Iron Slay

Perform a single target attack with a power of 100 that nullifies formation. This attack will always be critical.

Perfect Wall

Covers the allies and grants itself a 300 shield and speed move in this turn.


Uses this next set of cards three times.

XENO generation

(1) Drawing from 6 classes

The probability of each class being drawn is 1/6.

When a new class is added, the probability will change to 1/(6+α).

(2) Randomly generated from tens of thousands of designs

Tens of thousands of designs will be available depending on the combination of colors and combinations of XENO's clothing, patterns, and items it wears.

(3) Two passive skills are drawn at random

Since two passive skills are randomly assigned from dozens of it, the combination patterns will be hundreds.

The probability of being assigned is not uniform because there are also special passive skills.

(4) Drawing one type of special (special skill)

The probability of drawing a special is 1/3 for each class.

When a new class is added, the probability will be changed to 1/(3+α).

How to get XENO

XENO will be available in the following three ways at the moment (November 23, 2022).

- Purchase from various sales

- Open an NFT-BOX *

- Trade on the marketplace

*Under development

Benefits of Owning XENO

PROJECT XENO can be played with three XENOs, but we are working on a design that will benefit you from a time-saving and efficiency perspective in the game by owning more XENOs(NFT).

Specifically, it will increase opportunities to acquire assets, such as opening more treasures and reducing the time to acquire tokens.

Please wait for future updates for more details.

XENO to acquire tokens

In XENO, if you have one or more XENO in your deck with an 1 EARN parameter, you may be able to earn tokens upon winning battles. Each XENO has an additional element called a CHARGE gauge.

When tokens are earned upon winning a battle, the CHARGE gauge decreases depending on the earned amount of token, and if the CHARGE gauge reaches 0, that XENO will temporarily be unable to earn tokens.

Each XENO's CHARGE gauge can be fully restored by combining other XENO. Combining XENO requires a certain amount of GXE and the XENO used to combine will be BURNED. The amount of GXE required will be less as the remaining CHARGE gauge of the XENO used to combine is higher.

The maximum CHARGE gauge is set at 25,000 per XENO. *Please note that it may change depending on the floor price of the marketplace and other factors.


GENESIS is a special edition XENO with limited quantities of issues and an enhanced ability to earn tokens.

In addition to the normal XENO's ability, this NFT equips with a GENESIS-specific passive skill that enhances its "ability to earn," allowing it to earn more tokens in battle.

There are five levels, from FIRST to FIFTH, with FIRST having the smallest amount of total supply and being able to earn the largest number of tokens.

The total supply for each class is set, and a total of 30 types exist from FIRST to FIFTH for all six classes.

Besides increasing the number of tokens earned, NFTs will have an important role in PROJECT XENO in the future.

GENESIS must be purchased at various sales and marketplaces.

*GENESIS for new classes will be issued when new classes are added.

※2023/05/09: The maximum number of GENESIS issued has been reduced. *The maximum number of GENESIS issued may decrease due to the number issued at the sale and the design of the EARN ability of GENESIS.

In addition to the six classes of GENESIS listed above, a limited GENESIS may also be issued for collaborations. In that case, the maximum number of issues will be disclosed at the time of the collaborations.


All GENESIS XENO have a unique passive skill that increases the amount of tokens that can be obtained upon winning a battle, other than the passive skills that normal XENO has.

By adding GENESIS in the deck and having a battle, you can earn the token efficiently.

GENESISUnique Passive Skill


Amount of tokens earned, 5x


Amount of tokens earned, 3x


Amount of tokens earned, 2.5x


Amount of tokens earned, 2x


Amount of tokens earned, 1.5x

GENESIS Exclusive EARN, G Coin AirDrop

Different in nature and mechanism from the U Coins earned through winning Arena battles, GENESIS features a "Hold to Earn" element, where you earn G Coins simply by holding them.

G-Coin can be used for opening boxes, join in some NFT sales, and can also be converted to GXE. If you hold GENESIS and are a certified GXE partner, you can earn G Coin, which is eligible for withdrawal. *Season 5 and beyond are exclusive to Platinum Partners. *From Season 6 onward, 30,000 GXE per GENESIS must be held.

The higher the rank of the GENESIS, the more G Coin you can earn, with G5 S and GS earning the same amount as G1.

If GENESIS 5 is set as 1x GENESIS 4: 1.1x GENESIS 3: 1.2x GENESIS 2: 1.3x GENESIS 1: 2x GENESIS GS: 2x GENESIS 5S: 2x

G Coin will be distributed to all GENESIS that have not been listed during the season, and will be distributed after the season closes.

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