In PROJECT XENO, 3 types of NFTs, XENO, WEAPON, and CHARM can be trained.
Trained NFTs are expected to improve in performance and value.


XENO has 3 training levels: XENO level, EARN level, and Special level. The XENO level increases each stat that XENO has, the EARN level increases earning ability, and the Special level enhances special move. By increasing each level, players can gain an advantage in battle and increase token earning ability. Additionally, there is a unique ability for XENO NFT called the CHARGE gauge, which will be consumed when EARN. When the CHARGE gauge is reduced, it can be restored by combining the unused XENO NFTs.
Additionally, the passive skills that each XENO possesses can be rerolled (reallocated) by consuming UT. The amount of UT required for rerolling increases based on the number of times rerolling has been performed, but the number of times rerolling has been performed can be reset by consuming GXE.
Looking at XENO from the perspective of NFTs, we believe that the balance between supply and demand greatly influences its value. Therefore, simply minting (generating) XENO from NFT-BOX will not be enough to maintain the balance between supply and demand, so we believe it is necessary to have a mechanism for burning (removing) XENO. To incorporate this mechanism into the overall game cycle, features such as EARN level and CHARGE gauge have been provided.
Furthermore, we believe that the circulation of XENO is not only necessary among users but also within an individual user's cycle. While it would be great to be able to play and continue to earn with the XENO acquired initially for several years, such a cycle will ultimately lead to a dilution of the daily token earnings as the number of new users joining decreases. That is not our long-term vision. In PROJECT XENO, it is possible to play and continue earning with the same XENO, but we have designed a system in a way that allows a metabolism of the ecosystem to occur through the exchange of XENOs, maintaining the earning ability of XENO and enabling users to choose to earn stably in the short term.


By collecting a certain number of identical WEAPONs and combining them, users can evolve it into a higher rarity WEAPON. As the rarity increases, equipping the WEAPON can strengthen a wider variety of skill cards with greater effects.


By collecting a certain number of identical CHARMs and combining them, users can evolve them into higher rarity CHARMs. As the rarity increases, the number of activated passive skills will increase by equipping the CHARM.
From the perspective of NFT, we believe that the value of Weapons and Charms cannot be maintained when the balance of demand and supply is lost.
Therefore, by synthesizing Weapon and Charm that have been minted (dropped) and burning (eliminating) one of them, we can reduce the number of NFTs while increasing the value of each NFT