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PROJECT XENO is a tactics PvP game that combines the essence of "GameFi," "e-sports," and "Fun."

This is a game that players can play, simply have fun, and earn (Play, Fun, and Earn). In other words, players are able to earn while having fun and playing this game.

Players who own an NFT character called XENO can earn the token and NFTs by winning the battles. The basic game cycle in the game is training, battles, and drops.

The number of tokens earned increases as the player goes through the cycle.

The earned NFTs are seamlessly tradable in the marketplace developed by PROJECT XENO.

First, the FUN, and then the EARN is the vision of the game we offer!

- If it's not fun, it's not a game.

- If it doesn't last, it’s not financial.

Therefore, we consider "FUN × Eco-cycle" as the theme to make PROJECT XENO a game that cycles over the long term.

No cost is required to play the game as it is not a game that can grow only by playing.

And, thus, you always need to think to win.

Disclaimer: All content presented in this white paper does not constitute professional financial advice. The game and its marketplace are continuously subjected to rigorous testing, deployment, and improvement. Deployment schedules and updates are determined by the development team’s research as well as feedback from the community, among others.

What's FUN?

What is an entertaining game? What does it mean to be obsessed?

We imagined fantasies we might have indulged in as a child.

- Infinite possibilities of combination. (what would happen if this person and that person were in the same party?)

- Some sort of thing that you were the only one who discovered. (usually, others have found it too)

- Excited about the characters growing through the training (one day, if I train myself like the main character in a Japanese anime, I might...)

When these were incorporated into the elements of the game, we believe that a well-balanced combination of strategy, tactics, and training in a game can lead to unlimited possibilities.

World without unfairness is described as a well-balanced game. A well-balanced game is one where the outcome is not determined by just one factor, such as deck building strategy, or where only those with superior physical skills can win. In other words, a well-balanced game is one that allows for a variety of approaches and strategies, and offers opportunities for players to enjoy the process of figuring out how to win.

We define a "FUN" game as when there is "still a possibility to achieve," and players can enjoy the path.

In another expression, we define a game as "FUN" when there is "still a possibility to achieve," and you can enjoy the path.

We often have conversations within the development team and turn to discussions of “which class combinations make the strongest party.”

And yet, we never seem to find the answer and have to resume our work. The game may appear simple, but it has a wide range of strategies.

Our development team grew up watching Japanese manga and specializes in developing games with cute-looking characters and cool monsters.

We have produced games based on well-known IPs featuring ninjas and superheroes with superpowers, as well as popular RPGs.

We are specialized in the development of card games and battle games where players form guilds and fight each other.

We will be introducing features such as guilds and lands in PROJECT XENO as well, so please look forward to it.

XENO's Eco-cycle

We see the eco-cycle as one of the most important elements that are indispensable to GameFi.

There are several elements that consist of the PROJECT XENO eco-cycle, but we believe the following two indicators are particularly important:

1. Maintain the volume and value of NFTs, including XENO, in circulation. 2. Maintain the volume and value of utility tokens in circulation.

1. Maintain the volume and value of NFTs, including XENO, in circulation.

Unlimited NFT issuance makes it easier to obtain NFTs; however, it also reduces the value of NFTs that are already in circulation.

From the perspective of a secure NFT holder, this is undesirable, and we believe that maintaining prices below a reasonable floor price is a necessary element for a long-term eco-cycle to be established.

As part of PROJECT XENO initiative, the UI called "CHARGE gauge" is used to represent the maximum Earn value achievable through the NFT character, XENO. To restore this gauge, it is required to burn different XENO characters. GENESIS, the high rarity XENO with the ability to earn a significant amount of tokens, frequently triggers the restoration of the CHARGE gauge. The mechanism of the CHARGE gauge generates a cycle in which XENO is constantly burned. In contrast to Burn XENO, the Minted XENO (supply) is controlled through the circulation of NFTBOX, ensuring an appropriate amount of NFT circulation within the whole game.

The NFT other than characters, WEAPON and CHARM, have a rarity enhancement function that requires the consumption of multiple WEAPON or CHARM and tokens.This structure not only stimulates trading in the marketplace but also generates regular Burn cycles.

This approach helps prevent NFT saturation and maintains the demand and the value of NFT.

2. Maintain the value of the utility tokens.

The supply of utility tokens (UT) issued from PROJECT XENO is unlimited, but if the supply (Mint) is not balanced with consumption (Burn), it will dilute the value of the token and cause the value per token to decline.

Therefore, PROJECT XENO introduces soft pegs to maintain a balance between the demand (Burn) and supply (Mint) of utility tokens, thereby stabilizing the market distribution price.

The tokens available for supply per day will be accumulated in one pool by the previous day.

Even if all the tokens that have accumulated in this pool were to be sold, an amount that would not have a significant impact on the market value of the tokens.

The pooled token will continue to be supplied until the pooled tokens run out the next day.

Since access from certain regions will be advantageous if the supply is provided all at once at a specific time, there is a strong possibility that the supply will be determined on an hourly basis, divided over a 24-hour period.

We believe it is possible to create a GameFi that can Earn big temporarily (e.g., just after the game launch), but our analysis is that it would trigger a decline in the value of the NFT and tokens, and therefore we do not adopt it.

We envision a long-term operation.

Maintain the sports aspect

Related to the description on the “What's FUN” page, in terms of gameplay, the vision for PROJECT XENO is a fair battle design that emphasizes strategy and tactics.

Therefore, the game is unlikely to be won by players who own special characters or items.

However, in order to maintain the value of NFTs, it will be a game where players who own special characters or items can earn more easily.

In the future…

  • Guild

  • Guild Battle

  • Land

  • Limited Arena (e-Sports Mode)

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