Marketplaces are available for monetization of Play-To-Earn.
There are two ways to earn (Play-To-Earn) tokens in PROJECT XENO.
(1) Tokens earned as a reward for battles in the game.
(2) Tokens are earned as revenue from the sale of NFTs acquired in the game on the marketplace.
The marketplace currently developed by PROJECT XENO will offer the opportunity to earn revenue by selling NFTs in (2).
The marketplace allows players to freely buy and sell NFTs issued by PROJECT XENO and is available 24/7.
It is possible to monetize rare NFTs acquired in-game and NFTs that are no longer in use by selling them on the Marketplace and earning tokens from the sale.
For example, in conventional games, items such as weapons and equipment that are no longer used as the scenario progresses or characters grow are simply stored in vaults.
However, PROJECT XENO applies blockchain technology to sell NFTs (XENO, weapons, charms, etc.) that are no longer in use on the marketplace and acquire tokens.
Players can also use the tokens they earn to invest in their own NFTs (XENO, weapons, charms, etc.), or they can sell tokens to trade for legal tender.
Planned to open a store within the marketplace in future updates where users can purchase in-game items and NFT using GXE or UXE.

Functions provided in the marketplace

PROJECT XENO's marketplace is scheduled to implement the following functions in addition to listing (selling), buying, and NFT search.
- Auction
Enables to sell in an auction format with a minimum bid price.
- Dutch auction
It is possible to automatically lower the selling price in stages.
- Pick up
You can check the ranking of NFTs that have seen a significant increase in market price over the past few days.
You may discover new NFTs that are getting more attention each season.
- Advanced Search
You can search for the same NFT as the ranker or search for the NFT you need by build name.
- Alerts
This function allows you to register the NFTs you want and receive email notifications when they are listed for sale.
The marketplace will officially launch after the alpha and beta versions are released.
All of the above implementations are expected to complete by the time of the official launch.

NFTs that are tradable in the marketplace

NFTs that are tradable in the marketplace.
All XENOs and XENOs issued by GENESIS and collaborations are tradable.
- Weapon
Weapons above Rare are tradeable.
- Charm
Rare or higher CHARMs are tradable.
NFT-ART issued by PROJECT XENO are also tradable.
It will be distributed in limited quantities through sales and special offers.

NFT Data Management

NFTs (XENO, weapon, charm, and NFT-ART) are managed on the blockchain.
The BNB Chain (BEP-721), which has high transaction processing speed and low NFT sending cost, is adopted, and NFTs are minted on it.
NFT images are stored in IPFS (distributed data store), and information on the IPFS storage location is written to the blockchain.
The above ensures data tampering and data permanence of the NFTs, which are assets.

Points/Coins Available for Purchase in the Marketplace

◆Market Money Market Money is the point required to purchase products in the marketplace. Purchase with BUSD/USDT or a credit card is available.
◆G Coin G Coin is a coin that can be used within the game and can be purchased using a credit card or GXE. Please note that G Coin purchased with either a credit card or GXE cannot be withdrawn.
◆U Coin U Coin is a coin used within the game and can be purchased using a credit card or UXE. Please note that U Coin purchased with either a credit card or UXE cannot be withdrawn. U Coin earned as in-game rewards can be withdrawn as UXE.
The value of U Coin that can be earned from EARN remains constant, but the amount of UXE that can be obtained depends on the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal. Users should decide on their own when to withdraw and sell.
The price of G Coin and U Coin is set at 1 cent. *The price of each coin may fluctuate depending on the market.